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1. you come by bus from Granada, San Juan del Sur o Peñas Blancas (the border), your most likely halfway point will be the city of Rivas

2. From Rivas you can take a collective taxi (20 córdobas) to the port of San Jorge (20 minutes). You’ll find the taxis in the bus terminal, but you don’t need to wander around looking for them: the drivers come to look for passengers as soon as people get off the bus.


3. In San Jorge, boats depart for Moyogalpa or San Jose on the island (1 hour journey). You can take either the small wooden launches or a larger ferry boat (50 córdobas). If you are traveling with your own vehicle and want to take it to the island, a reservation for one of the ferries is required. Phone numbers are: 

* Rey del Cocibolca : +505 8691-3669

* Ferry Ometepe: +505 8966-4983

* Ferry Nicarao Cacique: +505 8544-4746

* Ferry Che Guevara: +505 2563-4779

4. Once you arrive to the Island either in Moyogalpa or San Jose, you have 2 options:

  1. You can take the 2:30pm bus marked with the destination of Merida (33 córdobas). The trip takes 2+ hours and goes via Altagracia. Ask to be dropped at Caballito’s bus stop. From there walk 200 meters toward the beach. If you arrive at night, a good flashlight is recommended.
  2. You can take a taxi from either port to Caballito’s Mar (75 minutes journey). We also offer taxi service. So if you tell us at what time you will be arriving on Ometepe Island, we will be waiting for you in Moyogalpa or San Jose. Taxi service costs US$35

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